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Hello all!

I’ve uploaded a new video of me playing my keyboard! Please check it out here:

Enjoy! :D


New music!

2014-12-14 13:37:34 by Retsamehtmai

Hello all! I uploaded a new video of me playing a song! Please check it out here:

New Thing!

2014-11-30 12:16:05 by Retsamehtmai

I’ve finally uploaded a thing! A video of me playing since I can’t think of anything for lbp music! Please check it out here:

I've been busy!!

2014-11-23 11:18:04 by Retsamehtmai

Sorry I haven’t uploaded anything for a while, I’ve been really busy! O_O Hopefully I will have a song ready soon though. I just need to edit the current one and it will be ready.

New song! "sort of"

2014-10-12 20:23:44 by Retsamehtmai

Hey for those who are interested, I decided to upload an lbp2 version of the fan made 5naf song by the living tombstone onto youtube! Please check it out here:

Obviously I can only post it there since the song is not originally mine, so please check out the original video while you are there! :D

Got dazzle working!

2013-05-14 16:02:48 by Retsamehtmai

Got my dazzle working! More songs should be uploaded throughout the day if something else doesn't come up O_O

Getting back into it

2013-04-29 09:57:40 by Retsamehtmai

Well I've been gone for a while now O_O school kind of got in the way of uploading new stuff. But it's finally over! I can now get back to uploading soon as I get my dazzle working again -_-